Club Discs, Mini’s, and T-shirts

HDGA Discs, T-shirts, and Mini’s for sale!

Aloha Everyone,

We got a bunch of new HDGA discs in a few weeks ago, so let me know if anyone needs any plastic, shirts, or mini’s.

HDGA Mini’s – several colors available, $3 each. Club discs – HDGA fundraiser discs with full-color HDGA logo on clear Prodgy plastic, Putters and Drivers, $20 each. HDGA Innova Champion Putters and Drivers (Champion Firebirds, Roadrunners, Wraiths, and Rock3’s), $15 each. Tournament Discs – White D Magnet Putters, Z Nuke drivers, and Z Buzz, all $15 each. Dark Gray HDGA T-Shirts, $10 each. Various sizes for men and women.


HDGA Mini’s


HDGA t-shirt






Back of t-shirt


Left to right, top to bottom: White Discraft D Magnet Putter from the 2016 Flyin Hawaiian, Clear HDGA Fundraiser disc – Prodigy Driver, HDGA Innova Champion Putter. Second row: Discraft Z Nuke from the 2016 Flyin Hawaiian Open, Clear HDGA Fundraiser disc – Prodigy Putter, Translucent HDGA Innova Champion Putter. Third row. Discraft Z Buzz from the 2016 Flyin Hawaiian Open (Sold Out), HDGA Innova Champion Destroyer (Sold Out), HDGA Innova Champion Firebird. ** Not pictured, we also have HDGA Wraiths, Roadrunners, and Rock3’s in Champion plastic (weights vary). All discs are $15 except the HDGA clear Prodigy fundraiser discs which are $20 each.

We ship USPS w/tracking, and can ship anywhere. Shipping costs for 1-2 discs (in the U.S.A) is around $8.75 (of course if you just want a few mini’s the shipping cost would be less).

To inquire about any of these items for sale contact Allen