HDGA Annual Meeting – Saturday, December 30th, Turtle Bay Disc Golf Course (12:30PM)


Our Annual HDGA Membership Meeting was held at the Turtle Bay Resort between rounds, on Saturday, December 30th, 2017.

The meeting included an update on our discussion with the City and County of Honolulu, regarding a possible disc golf course at Koko Head District park, a financial report, possibly updates to the HDGA bylaws that will be on the election ballots, and discussion about how many seats on board were vacant, how many outgoing board members there were and who left the board, board members that were up for re-election, and individuals who had been nominated by members to run for a seat on the board. Members were also told that all 2017 HDGA members not present at the meeting would be contacted by the board, and have an opportunity to vote by email, with a deadline of January 6, 2018.

Members were asked to sign next to their names on the 2017 member roster, and take a ballot to vote for board members and the proposed new bylaw amendments. One of the nominees “Gumby” also spoke to the members/players prior to the voting regarding her interest in running for the board, and her personal thoughts regarding the proposed bylaw amendments. There were also two HDGA members who nominated themselves. Roger Messner and Justin St Denis. There names were added to the ballots.

The Board also mentioned that a full financial report would be posted to the HDGA website in January, with notification to the membership, and also that the board would be meeting in early January to validate and count the votes, and announce the results of the elections and bylaw proposals after that meeting.

There were 5 potential seats open to be filled to the HDGA board. There are three current board members who are up for re-election: Eric Reppun, Allen Borsky, and Claire Lager, however Claire will be resigning from the board at the end of 2017. In addition, there were 4 board members who resigned this past year. Chris Stiles, Thomas Lagrave, Jason Sickmiller, Randall Lazarus. 



  • Club News
  • Review Annual Report
  • 2018 Board Member Elections
  • Possible HDGA Bylaw Amendment Proposals
  • Membership Questions/Discussion