The Honolulu Disc Golf Association (HDGA) is a 501(c)(4) organization promoting disc golf activities in the 50th State. Every month we hold events that are open to everyone.

Over the years, many people have helped to create the Hawaii disc golf community. These same people have volunteered tireless hours to run monthly events, tournaments, fundraisers, and community outreach programs to build awareness of the sport. HDGA continues to work towards the establishment of permanent disc golf courses throughout the islands, and especially on Oahu, as the demand for disc golf courses continues to grow. HDGA will continue to build relations with both local and state government, and private land owners to secure permanent courses for the island of Oahu.

Oahu has a strong following at its events which are always open to players of all skill levels and visitors alike. We strive to further our presence on Oahu and to grow the sport throughout the islands. We encourage everyone to join our HDGA Facebook page and post questions or comments about our casual games, monthlies, or tournaments.